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  Bill Carley  owner creates each chair and the quality of work shows each and every piece of outdoor furniture he make. Each piece of outdoor furniture is crafted by hand from reclaimed, furniture grade Western Red Cedar. Each piece of our outdoor furniture is carefully cut, sanded, and finished in our shop to create a piece that is not only beautiful, but made to last for generations.
In your search for Adirondack furniture you will be presented with many options and prices ranging from the inexpensive to the very expensive. You can find lawn furniture online, at specialty stores, or even at the big box (orange or blue roofed) hardware stores. Many of the products that you find will not be made in the U.S. or not made from a wood as desirable and durable as Western Red Cedar, nor with all quality Stainless Steel hardware.

Why you should choose Cedar Wood Shop
• We choose to use Western Red Cedar for all our wood products. Western Red Cedar is an amazing wood for lawn furniture.

• Western Red Cedar is light and strong, 60% the weight of Red, or White Oak, it has 80% of the Oaks strength.

• Western Red Cedar’s natural chemical compounds provide this wood with a renowned resistance to decay and rot, and provides a natural deterrent to wood damaging insects (including termites).

• Western Red Cedar’s cellular structure makes it a natural insulator; this means the furniture will stay cool - even on hot days. The cellular structure also makes it extremely resistant to dimensional changes (cupping, cracking, and splitting) due to fluctuations in heat and/or humidity. These properties of dimensional stability, and low heat transfer, make Western Red Cedar a most desirable choice in woods for sauna’s, hot tubs, and of course, is our choice for making this beautiful Adirondack furniture.

•We create the ultimate in comfortable and stylish Adirondack furniture with our sculptured seat and rounded back. Once you sit down, you will want to stay forever. You can choose from unfinished wood or we will stain to a light cedar tone. Unstained Western Red Cedar, if left untouched, will turn a light grey as time passes.

• Not close to us? You can purchase our Adirondack Chairs in a kit form, complete with all hardware, adhesive and clear instructions. This makes a great gift.

• The woods beautiful reddish hues, aromatic fragrance, natural resistance to rot & mold make it the perfect choice for making this enduring and beautiful Adirondack furniture. This furniture is made by us for you and your families enjoyment and comfort for many years to come.

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We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of your lifestyle need, design preference, or budget constraint.

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